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Internal Medicine

Veterinary internal medicine is the term used to describe the diagnosis and treatment of diseases which affect multiple internal organ systems. Examples of these include the heart and lungs, the liver and digestive system, the hormonal (endocrine) system, the kidneys and the reproductive organs.

Cases can range from a simple urinary tract infection through to a difficult endocrinopathy. However, regardless of the complexity of the case, once a diagnosis is reached, each patient will require a personalised treatment plan and prescription of suitable medicines in order to reduce or reverse signs of disease. Dechra can provide support to such patients via our wide medicine product portfolio.

Whether it’s the cat with kidney disease which requires our innovator product Mirataz to help with weight gain, or the vomiting puppy where Prevomax reversed symptoms without stinging upon injection; Dechra can be relied upon to provide a variety of helpful treatment solutions for numerous medical issues.