Water Medication for Food Producing Animals | Dechra UK

Water Medication

Benefits of Water Medication:

  • Works quickly
  • Overcomes the risk of cross-contamination
  • Most cost effective
  • Supports responsible use

Successful water medication 

In order to be successful with water medication you need good water quality, a suitable drinking water system and products that have the right formulation.

Quality of water system

Quality of Drinking Water

Quality of Products

Investing time and money in these requirements is part of good farming practice and will pay off in terms of animal performance and health

Right Antimicrobial

In acute diseases, treatment has to begin before the lab results are in. If a change of antimicrobial is required, this will only take a few minutes to deal with water medication. With feed medication, it is not possible at all.

Right Animal

Water medication can be targeted to one compartment (or even a pen).

Right Time

Water medication allows you to wait and see. You are able to act quickly once the animals do fall ill.

Right Dose

With water medication, the risk of underdosing due to carry-over or uneven mixing of the medication into the feed is eliminated.