Dechra Academy - CPD modules for weight loss in cats

Dechra Academy launches interactive veterinary CPD modules for unintended feline weight loss

04 September 2023

Dechra Veterinary Products are pleased to announce the launch of six brand new interactive case studies focusing on the importance of managing and treating unintended weight loss in felines.

The six new modules, each contributing towards 30 minutes of veterinary CPD, will follow a range of European feline specialists as they work through a variety of patients, with complex & tricky underlying conditions. Follow the modules and enhance your knowledge by practicing your clinical decision making to see how you would manage the patients’ unintended weight loss.

To find out more about the modules and to start your journey to becoming a “Purrfect Partner”, click here to access Dechra Academy - Complete courses 1 & 2, to unlock the further modules

Dechra’s answer to unintended weight loss

In 2021, Mirataz was first made available to help veterinarians combat their feline patients unintended weight loss. Since its launch, 80%1 of vets have stated that they regularly use the Mirataz due to the ease of administration.

Mirataz contains mirtazapine and is the first & only licensed veterinary transdermal ointment for body weight gain in cats experiencing poor appetite and weight loss resulting from chronic medical conditions.

For more information about Mirataz visit:


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