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Dechra's products are used by veterinarians to support animal health and well-being, by preventing and treating diseases.

Given a constantly growing population of over eight billion people worldwide, ensuring safe and secure nutrition is critical to achieving prosperity and stability. Keeping livestock healthy is a key instrument to improve productivity and animal welfare alike. Strategic and effective diagnostics, prevention and treatment of diseases ensure not only animal health, but human health as well.

Dechra is committed to supporting veterinarians in addressing these challenges, now and in the future.

Dechra's commitment to livestock

Integrated Livestock Management

Care for the animal, care for a healthy business, care for sustainable and responsible use of medicines. These shared values connect us with our customers and the farmers they serve.

Animal Welfare

Support veterinarians in implementing pain management solutions that prioritise animal well-being now and in the future.

Disease Prevention

Support the use of preventive measures and vaccines as part of a holistic approach to animal health and welfare. Help farmers and veterinarians implement effective vaccination strategies that can improve the overall health and productivity of their livestock.

Responsible use of antibiotics

Promote responsible use of antibiotics in livestock through education, research and development of alternative solutions which can help minimise the use of antibiotics while maintaining animal health and welfare.

Sustainable livestock farming

Commit to long-term viability of the livestock industry while minimizing its impact on the environment and society.