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SPECIFIC veterinary pet nutrition  

Veterinary diets made with high levels of Omega-3 from fish. SPECIFIC® delivers genuine health benefits and ease of recommendation. SPECIFIC® is the brand of veterinary pet nutrition from Dechra Veterinary Products – an international pharmaceutical company specialising in medicinal products for veterinary use.

Type of diet 

SPECIFIC is range of veterinary diets, helping you bring nutritional customers into your practice regularly to further patient care.

SPECIFIC is not sold in retail and does not actively engage with pet e-commerce websites.

SPECIFIC diets deliver high levels of owner and animal acceptance because...

SPECIFIC veterinary pet nutrition

  • Fish is highly palatable with a strong aroma and umami taste that is appealing for dogs and cats, improving pet compliance.
  • Widespread understanding and acceptance by owners that fish is healthy – reducing the time taken to explain and onboard owners.



Veterinary dedicated SPECIFIC diets - a compact and manageable range 

SPECIFIC has a compact range covering all life stages and special care diets supporting key conditions in both wet and dry varieties but without an excessively wide range for you to carry

Lifestage Diets

SPECIFIC life stage nutrition for dogs and cats

Different stages of life require different nutritional needs. A young, growing puppy/kitten has different needs than an older dog/cat, who often lead a calmer life. SPECIFIC™ offers foods designed to provide the optimal nutritional profile at every stage of thier life.

Dog and cat life-stage diets including:

  • Adult
  • Juvenile
  • Senior

Disease Management Diets

Specific Disease Management Diets

SPECIFIC™ offers a range of diets with carefully designed nutritional value. The ideal combination of specific nutrients to support animals with a range of health conditions.
Disease management and special care diets include:

Bladder uroliths



Weight management

Allergen management

Recovery and convalescence

Skin function


Joint and mobility


Heart and kidney 



SPECIFIC Treats - to suit dogs and cats with different needs

Specific Diets Treats for Cats and Dogs

SPECIFIC™ offers a range of diets with carefully designed nutritional with the ideal combination of specific nutrients to support for animals with fragile health.

For some dogs and cats it is difficult to find suitable treats: 

  • Dogs with excess weight
  • Dogs with special nutritional needs arising from health conditions

SPECIFIC has a range of treats to suit dogs with different needs, whether that’s low calorie daily treats for healthy dogs and cats or treats for dogs with special dietary needs due to medical or treats for cats with diabetes or dental chews to help keep teeth clean

Full product data sheets are available at the SPECIFIC product information book including:

Indications for each diet

Properties and rational for the composition


Feeding amounts

Nutrient data

Any contra indications

SPECIFIC product information book

Diets rich in omega-3 from fish 

SPECIFIC diets are rich in omega-3. This supports a healthy coat, skin and joints, the development of the brain and the eyes, the strengthening of the immune system and good heart health. 

Fish is naturally high in Omega-3, essential fatty acids that have a role in healthy coat and skin, joints, heart and kidneys, and eye and brain development. They also support the immune system.

Fish contains the right kind of Omega-3 that the body can use directly for more benefits - in the form of EPA and DHA - which are not present in plant sources and are only available in fish and other marine sources.

Other key benefits:

  • Fish protein is high quality, low in saturated fat and easily digestible.
  • Fish has a well-balanced amino acid profile.
  • Fish are rich in essential vitamins and trace elements including vitamins D and B2 (riboflavin), calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium and potassium.

SPECIFIC rich in Omega-3

Dechra Academy

The Dechra academy provides a range of free on-line learning including a number of nutritional courses 


  • The role of nutrition in managing Kidney disease
  • The role of nutrition in managing Gastrointestinal disorder
  • The role of nutrition in managing Allergies and atopic dermatitis
  • The role of nutrition in managing unintended weight loss
  • The Role of Nutrition in Managing Lower Urinary Tract Disease
  • Canine diabetes mellitus: more than just insulin
  • Feline diabetes mellitus: more than just insulin

Register or sign in for the Dechra academy

Dechra Academy Nutrition

Our sustainability commitment

SPECIFIC is committed to a philosophy that we call the Circle of Good

We believe it is our responsibility to support the environment that produces the extraordinary ingredients that create our nutritious and healthy foods

Packaging changes made in 2018 and 2020 reduced plastic usage by 18 tons a year

SPECIFIC Packaging changes reduced plastic usage

In 2020 we launched our organic dry diets in recyclable bags – one of the first dry pet foods in recyclable packaging.  At the time we are committed to having all of our dry foods in recyclable packaging by 2023 - a commitment that we have met - now all of our dry foods are in recyclable packaging

SPECIFIC organic dry diets in recyclable bags

All of our cardboard packaging is FSC certified 

SPECIFIC will move to all FSC certified cardboard

We use fish as our main source of protein. Fish offer a sustainable source of protein with fewer methane emissions from fish and feed conversion ratios (the amount of food eaten by an animal relative to the amount of food produced by the animal) are better for fish.

Fish offer a sustainable source of protein

Our fish are caught with the more sustainable midwater trawl and ring netting fishing systems

SPECIFIC  fish are caught with the more sustainable midwater trawl

All of the fish in our dry diets now come from sources accredited as sustainable

SPECIFIC fish in our dry diets now come from sources accredited as sustainable


The SPECIFIC blog provides short pieces on topics of interest to the veterinary profession

Detailed technical support

Below are links to more detailed information for some therapy areas including detailed technical advice, FAQs and suppot materials available



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