New Equibactin® Powder offers convenient and accurate antibiotic dosing

New Equibactin® Powder offers convenient and accurate antibiotic dosing

06 August 2021

A new antibiotic product is being launched for the equine market that aims to combat the potential under dosing of larger horses being treated for bacterial infections.

Dechra Veterinary Products has added Equibactin® oral powder to its stable of equine products for the easy and convenient treatment of many common infections, including those affecting the respiratory tract and wound infections.

Equibactin oral powder comes in a 60g sachet, the scientifically considered accurate dose1 for two daily treatments for a 600kg horse. The sachets come in a box of 10, which is sufficient for the twice daily treatment of a 600kg horse for five days.

The recommended dose of Equibactin oral powder is 30mg of the active substances together (25mg sulfadiazine and 5mg trimethoprim) per kg body weight, equivalent to 10g powder per 100kg, and it should be administered once or twice daily for five days.

The combination of sulfadiazine and trimethoprim antibiotics (known as TMPS) has a broad spectrum of uses and can be used to treat equine infections associated with Streptococcus and Staphylococcus aureus; gastrointestinal infections associated with E. coli and urogenital infections associated with beta-hemolytic streptococci.

Emma Jennings, Equine and Food Producing Animal Brand Manager, said: “Our product allows for twice daily 30mg/kg treatments, making the treatment of large horses easier and ensuring they receive the correct dose, which is crucial when it comes to tackling antibiotic resistance.”

She added: “TMPS is the only registered oral antibiotic available for use in horses and it is recommended as the first line of treatment for ‘common’ equine bacterial infections including those which have developed through wound infections or open or drained abscesses.2,3

“Effective antibiotics are an important part of the veterinarian’s arsenal when it comes to treating a variety of common bacterial infections in horses. But in recent years, the emergence of drug resistant bacteria has meant that extra precautions must be taken to prevent underdosing - one of the prominent causes of drug resistance.”

Equibactin® oral powder is available now in the UK and Ireland. For more information visit


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