Dechra 'goes for gold' with launch of thiamphenicol wound spray

Dechra 'goes for gold' with launch of thiamphenicol wound spray

02 July 2015

Dechra Veterinary Products has unveiled a next generation antibiotic wound treatment with the launch of its new TAF Spray.

Thiamphenicol is the active ingredient in TAF Spray that can be used for superficial wound infections in horses, cattle, goats, sheep and pigs.

TAF Spray can also be used to treat infections of the claw and hoof in cattle, goats and sheep such as foot rot, interdigital dermatitis and digital dermatitis.

It is the only licensed wound spray for horses and has a zero day meat withdrawal period for horses, cattle, goats, sheep, and 14 days for pigs.

The new spray is the only golden yellow coloured product of its kind on the market, allowing treatment areas to be clearly distinguished.

Brand Manager Emma Jennings said: “Dechra has developed TAF Spray in direct response to the research we conducted among farmers.

“Research* has shown 51% of the veterinarians used an antibiotic spray for the treatment of digital dermatitis – an infection that 92 per cent of farmers had experienced in their livestock in the past 12 months.

Thiamphenicol is a highly effective antibiotic. With the brightly coloured spray format making it distinguishable from other treatments and a can that is able to be used in upright and inverted positions, we are sure that TAF Spray will become a popular product among veterinary professionals.”

The 360-degree spray allows wounds to be targeted at any angle, particularly in hard to reach areas, and comes in 150 ml size.

The new product is the latest addition to the Dechra portfolio that includes Cyclo Spray®, which acts to prevent infections of superficial traumatic or surgical wounds caused by micro-organisms sensitive to chlortetracycline.

Cyclo Spray® can also be used as part of a treatment for superficial claw/hoof infections, in particular interdigital dermatitis (foot rot) in sheep and digital dermatitis in cattle.


References: * A survey of 250 dairy farmers executed by agricultural research agency Geelen Consultancy from Wageningen, The Netherlands, commissioned by Dechra Veterinary Products. The dairy farmers were selected from a representative address database of Dutch farmers in the Netherlands with at least 75 dairy cows, with an average of 119 cows.