Certainty – that’s why vets should choose Felimazole®

Certainty – that’s why vets should choose Felimazole®

14 March 2019

Dechra Veterinary Products says an award-winning treatment for cats with hyperthyroidism offers vets certainty that the medicine will be administered correctly once a pet has returned home.

Felimazole® - which last year won the Easy to Give award from the charity International Cat Care – is a tablet presentation, designed to be simple to administer and to take the stress out of regular dosing.

New research1 has shown that owners have no more difficulty administering tablets than they do liquid medication, and that some owners are administering liquids by putting it on food, which can raise a question around compliance.

And the study found that 91% of cat owners have high levels of confidence that their cat is receiving the correct dose when giving a tablet to treat hyperthyroidism.

Dechra Brand Manager Claire Morgan said Felimazole gives vets certainty that cats are being given their medicine correctly once they have left the practice.

She said: “As a veterinary professional you need to be certain that when the cat goes home its medicine is being administered correctly. Is the required dose being given? Is it the only animal in contact with the medicine?

With Felimazole those questions are replaced with certainty and that’s why we believe Felimazole should be your first choice.”

Felimazole can be prescribed as part of a long-term treatment plan for cats with hyperthyroidism. Its active ingredient is thiamazole and it is available in 1.25 mg, 2.5 mg and 5 mg doses.

The three tablet sizes offer certainty about accurate dose titration, with once daily dosing aiding compliance and twice daily dosing for control.

The size and shape of Felimazole tablets have been designed to help make it easier for owners to medicate their cats, taking much of the stress out of regular dosing.

To find out more about how Felimazole provides certainty for vets and owners alike, visit:  www.dechra.co.uk/felimazole (Login required)

1 FEL0318 Research carried out with 306 owners of cats being treated for feline hyperthyroidism