New product focus for Dechra at BEVA Congress

New product focus for Dechra at BEVA Congress

01 October 2014

Delegates at BEVA Congress 2014 were among the first to learn about the new intramuscular Clodronic acid injection, Osphos®, launched by Dechra Veterinary Products.

Equine brand manager Emma Jennings said: “The Dechra team were on hand at BEVA Congress to explain more about Osphos, which is the only UK veterinary licensed product for the control of clinical signs associated with the bone resorptive processes of navicular syndrome in horses.

“Clinical trials of Osphos showed it is well-tolerated and 74.7 per cent of horses experienced improvement in their lameness score by at least one grade at 56 days after treatment.”

Delegates at Congress were also able to hear more about the multi-centre field trial to evaluate the effectiveness of clodronic acid for navicular syndrome at a session held as part of the BEVA scientific programme, on September 11.

Ms Jennings added: “The trial proved that Osphos is effective at 6 months post-treatment. Osphos works to inhibit resorption in the navicular bone, by binding to hydroxyapatite crystals and by direct cellular effects on osteoclasts.”

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