Dechra launches Vitamin K1 tablets to the market

Dechra launches Vitamin K1 tablets to the market

10 September 2013

Dechra Veterinary Products has launched Vitamin K1 tablets to the market after the product, which helps reverse the effects of exposure to anticoagulant rodenticides, was licensed in the UK.

The launch of the 50mg tablets for dogs will ensure veterinary professionals have a ready supply of Vitamin K on the shelf when treating animals which have been exposed or may have been exposed to serious poisoning.

The tablets were only previously available as a special import certificate product following Dechra's acquisition of Eurovet, but have now been licensed as a NFA-VPS.

Dechra Veterinary Products Brand Manager, Carol Morgan, said: “Vitamin K1 is an absolutely key therapy in the treatment of potential and accidental exposures to anticoagulant poisoning in animals, mainly in pet dogs. It helps to assist with blood clotting, and the treatment protocol advises continued oral therapy following an initial injectable preparation of Vitamin K.

“The Veterinary Poisons Information Service has received more than 6,000 calls so far this year to its helpline regarding suspected or confirmed poisoning of all types of animals, whether accidental or deliberate exposure.

“We had been able to offer the Vitamin K1 injection and tablets via a SIC, when previously sometimes only preparations for human use were available. Therefore, we are delighted to now launch a licensed tablet which will ensure a ready supply and speed of therapy for animals affected by anticoagulant rodenticides.”

Carol Morgan added: “Anticoagulant poisoning queries are already the second most common type received by the Veterinary Poisons Information Service, and with the launch of these tablets, veterinary professions will be able to have a ready supply of vitamin K to hand. We would recommend that all practices consider stocking this product.”

Vitamin K1 50mg tablets, for the treatment of anticoagulant poisoning following parenteral treatment, are available in boxes of 14 tablets, in blister packs of seven tablets.