New website launched to support treatment of Cushing’s syndrome

New website launched to support treatment of Cushing’s syndrome

18 April 2016

A new interactive website for owners of dogs with Cushing’s syndrome has been unveiled by Dechra Veterinary Products. contains a wealth of information and resources designed to support dog owners, whose pets have been prescribed Vetoryl®, understand the condition and monitor their progress.

Dogs with Cushing’s syndrome produce excessive amounts of cortisol, a hormone that helps regulate the body’s metabolism. This can have harmful effects on other organs as the body loses the ability to regulate itself.

Craig Sankey, Brand Manager at Dechra Veterinary Products, said: “Cushing’s syndrome is a common canine endocrine disorder, occurring mostly in middle aged and older dogs.’’

“It is a condition where Vetoryl can be used to help restore a dog’s vitality. Diagnosis can be worrying for owners and the aim of the website is to help increase knowledge surrounding Cushing’s syndrome.’’

“The interactive treatment log book can be used by owners to chart progress and provide reassurance about how their dog is responding to Vetoryl therapy.”

Vetoryl is rated as very effective or effective by 98 per cent of vets1, with successful treatment reversing clinical signs and helping prevent complications seen in undiagnosed cases.

The website examines symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options, with owners being able to register for an interactive treatment log book.

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